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USA Today NFL Insider Mike Jones, who used to cover the Washington Football Team for the Washington Post, joined Doc and Galdi to figure out what the deal is with Trent Williams and the Washington Football Team.

Washington Football Team Head Coach Ron Rivera told Larry Michaels last week that Williams is “still our guy”. “We got to get Trent in,” Rivera continued. “We got to sit him down, see where he is, see how he is, health-wise too. We have not really had the contact we need to have to know.”

Jones also reassures us that the Washington Football Team want him here and that Rivera needs to sit down and convey to the nine-year veteran that yes, this is the same team, but that it’s under an entirely new and improved leadership.

“Any guy would love playing for him,” Jones quoted from Rivera’s former players. “We never quit playing for him, even in the lean years, or even when stuff was going wrong because of injuries.”

There are a few teams that Jones think the seven time Pro Bowler could be eyeing. Being that Williams is already 31, he doesn’t necessarily have time to go through a rebuild. Joining the 49ers or Rams, two teams that are closer to winning, may need a left tackle, and have coaches that Williams has familiarity with, may be possible landing spots.

“The Washington Football Team are going to have to do everything they can to get him back there because he is a cornerstone and a huge piece of any offensive success.”

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