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Doc and Galdi first react to Joe Gibb’s comments regarding the Washington Football Team's win-loss record under Dan Snyder. Then, Doc and Galdi use the rest of the hour to debate whether or not the Washington Football Team's fan base is still a great fan base.

Rick ‘Doc’ Walker seems to think not. Doc recalls back in the 1970s and 1980s, before the Washington Football Team won their Super Bowls, how supportive the fans of D.C. were. Winning the Super Bowls years later only amplified their support and their desire to come out to the games at RFK.

Today, however, Doc seems to think the Washington Football Team don’t have same the juice they once had. The Washington Football Team's attendance has been down at Fedex stadium for the last couple of years and Doc even remembers games where tarp was used to cover the nosebleed sections so that the stadium didn’t look empty.

Al Galdi thinks otherwise. He agrees with Doc that there’s no excuse for the stadium’s lack of attendance.

“Losing turns people off from spending money,” said Galdi. “What’s declined in D.C. has been financial support for the Washington Football Team, like buying tickets and buying jerseys.”

However, he points out that fans are still interested in the team. The Washington Football Team, for as bad as they’ve been still garner more attention than any other D.C. sports team.

“There is still a care for this,” Galdi adds. “I don’t know that actual interest has declined as much as people like to say because the Washington Football Team are still by far the number one needle mover when it comes to D.C. sports.”

What do you as fans think?

Doc and Galdi: Do the Washington Football Team Still Have a Good Fan Base?  was originally published on theteam980.com