All-time Redskins great running back Clinton Portis joins The Kevin Sheehan show to tell us what he thinks the Redskins should do with Ryan Kerrigan…

Thoughts on Ryan Kerrigan:

“You’re still up in the air on Kerrigan, how you’re going to use Kerrigan and I think maybe it’s time to pay Kerrigan.”

Seriously, you’d extend Kerrigan? 

“Well, he’s up for extension, right?”

He’s got one year left on his deal, yeah.

“So Kerrigan has one year left on his deal, you started the situation with Trent (Williams) for guys that have been loyal. I think Kerrigan has meant so much to that DC Community; now I’m not saying extend him but I think he means a lot to that community. I think he’s done a lot for the organization in not missing a game so even it was a year, you know, I think you have to show loyalty to someone whose given you their all and Kerrigan is one of the those guys. Now, if you’re going to take a look at Kerrigan and he doesn’t fit what Coach Rivera is trying to do then…you know, I’m looking at going to a 4-3 defense, Kerrigan can go inside, he can be a run stopper inside to get up field. A combination of (Matt) Iaonnidis, Kerrigan, (Jonathan) Allen and (Da’Ron) Payne at defensive tackle, like I think that’s a pretty good combination. It’s just what do you have to pay him for that. I honestly think you have an opportunity because you freed up so much money and you’re in position to go out and add certain pieces. You look at the cornerback position, I think the guys did great last year when given the opportunity. Once you saw them with their opportunity they performed, so maybe you got to go out and get another corner and another safety, but I think you have a good young nucleus, especially with Reuben Foster coming back after what Cole Holcomb gave you. So you need a Sam linebacker, a safety a defensive back and a tight end…then I think you’re in pretty good shape.”

I don’t think you show Ryan Kerrigan loyalty unless you think he can really contribute at 33, 34, 35 years old with a contract extension, and I know he’s been a really good player.

“If that’s the case you just move him inside.”

Well you got Payne, you got Allen, you got Iaonnidis, you got a lot inside if (Montez) Sweat develops and if you take Chase Young, you know?

“Those are outside guys.”

That’s a $11.5M in cap space versus him tying up cap space in the future.

“You have it, at this point you have it. How many free agents are you going to go out and sign?”

Forget about the cap space, to me it comes down to is he going significant contributor for you or not? If he is then you extend him and it not you move on, it’s time to win.

“What’s a significant contributor? Can he go out and get eight sacks? I think he can. We know who he is, we know what he’s going to give you. So if he can give you eight sacks do you bay him $11M or $12M, for eight sacks?

Yes. If he fits the scheme of Jack Del Rioo and Ron Rivera, and they think they can get more out of him than Greg Manusky and Joe Barry, you know…

“Oh I definitely think they’ll get more about of him, it’s no question in my mind they can get more out of him because he’s going back to the ‘fit’ that fits him. He was never an outside linebacker, that’s not who Ryan Kerrigan is.

Right, agreed.

“He was never an outside linebacker. Now he gets the opportunity to put his hand back in the dirt and that’s an advantage for Ryan Kerrigan.”

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