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ESPN’s John Keim joined Doc and Galdi to talk about the Washington Football Team as they enter free agency. Here are some of Keim’s more notable answers, but check out the full interview above.

Will the Washington Football Team be aggressive in free agency?

“I think the Washington Football Team] are going to be aggressive going after guys [in free agency], but it doesn’t mean they’ll get them. Last year they were aggressive with CJ Mosley but his price tag became ridiculous. They were aggressive going after him, they didn’t get him. I think they will be aggressive for the guys they like, and there are clearly guys that they’re going to sign that we just have no clue about right now. It may be a big name guy that we’re like oh really, didn’t see that coming. So there’s a possibility of that. But I think they’ll be aggressive going for who they want, it doesn’t mean that they’re just going to spend crazy. The phrase I keep hearing over and over from people there is ‘build it right’.”

Who could the Washington Football Team target?

“I think [defensive back] Byron Jones would be a guy to watch. I don’t know that they would get him. But I think he’s a guy to watch. Here’s the problem and I’ve talked to some defensive coaches about some of these guys and like, I think the fear with some is they’re not playmakers. so like Byron Jones is a good player but he hasn’t been a playmaker. So what are you going to pay for a guy like that?”

Are the Washington Football Team interested in free agent WR Amari Cooper?

“My sense would be that yes they would have interest. I think the hard part is do you pay twenty million dollars for him, because that may be what it costs. The thing that I kept hearing throughout this is that he wants to stay in Dallas and Dallas wants to keep him, and that Dallas has been quieter in free agency than in recent years so that they could obsorb Dak and Amari.”

“The one benefit to Cooper where it helps a guy like Dwayne, he wins quickly off the line.”

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