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Former Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer joined Team 980/95.9FM’s The Steve Czaban Show Thursday discussing a plethora of Washington Football Team items including the most shocking part of Alex Smith’s injury recovery.

Czabe: Dwayne Haskins Jr.’s rookie season, from afar, how would you grade it if you were a teacher?

Urban Meyer: I’d grade it as a B. I did watch him and I know that he came in with the fact that he only had one year under his belt as a starter. It was a great year; one of the best years arguably in College Football History and certainly Ohio State history. He took over you know, [it’s a] tough situation when you start having coaching transitions in the middle of the year. A new coach comes in, just a different way of doing things.

Scott Linn: Thoughts on Chase Young. What is this man’s ceiling?

Meyer: We haven’t seen it yet, which is hard to imagine because he was the best and most talented player in College Football this year. We saw glimpses of it his freshman year. He was in a room just loaded with great players and he didn’t start. His second year he didn’t start but he had some ankle injuries that he battled for at least 5-6 weeks of the season so we never really saw his potential unleashed, and then this year he stayed healthy. Obviously he got coached by a great defensive lineman coach in Larry Johnson, but as far as just pure physical skillset, I can’t imagine a more talented guy to play that position as long as I can remember, maybe Jadaveon Clowney because I coached against him.

Czabe: I know you saw the Alex Smith documentary. Did anything in it, when it finally aired, shock you or surprise you?

Meyer: Yea my wife was in tears. Alex is like a son to us. I don’t want to say that I had no idea, but he never told me to the degree of everything that happened. We are close, but he’s not one of those guys that start telling his story all the time. He’s a very humble person. I talked to him right after and I talked to his mom and dad because I knew it was bad. I never knew it came down to a doctor saying ‘we’re in life-saving mode’ and then after that ‘we’re going to try to save his leg’. I did not know that.

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Steve Czaban and Urban Meyer Discuss Alex Smith, Dwayne Haskins and Chase Young  was originally published on theteam980.com

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