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Convenience store "Karen" in Sacramento

Source: Twitter

As Karens across the country continue to be exposed, things are getting more violent, considering Black people’s tolerance for racists is at an all-time low.

One video, in particular, went viral on Thursday showing an unidentified white woman in Sacramento calling a Black woman the N-word. The woman, who is now known as “Convenience Store Karen” or “Sacramento Karen,” got into a heated argument with the unidentified Black woman and things clearly escalated.

It’s not clear what started the argument, however, the white woman insisted that she only said “excuse me” in an altercation. However, the Black woman said that she said “excuse me” as well and the white woman got “hella rude” with her. “All I did was walk past you and you start talking about your Black husband. I don’t give a f*ck about your Black husband” the Black woman appears to yell, although the audio isn’t crystal clear. “Just because you suck Black d*ck don’t mean you’re not a racist,” the Black woman appears to add.

This is when the white woman calls her the N-word.

“You can call me a n*gger all you f*cking want to, Ima beat your motherf*cking ass in this store,” responded the Black woman while throwing an unidentified store item at Karen.

“Watch your f*cking mouth,” the Black woman continues before challenging the white woman to call her the N-word again. This is when the white woman tries her luck and says the word once again.

The Black woman then proceeds to punch Karen before the first video ends.

Then, a second video uploaded to social media reveals the white woman ends up on the ground pleading, “somebody call the police,” before the Black woman gets another punch in. Meanwhile, the Black woman says “you better let me go” as it appears the white woman has her hand grasped onto the Black woman. The video ends with the white woman letting the Black woman go and the Black woman proceeds to leave. Before she exits, she says, “I come in this b*tch all the time, b*tch. I’m the right one.” Then, the white woman pleads again, “call 911” to which the Black woman responds, “call 911 and tell them.”

Watch both videos below.

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