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1. Biden and Trump Agree On One Thing: A Corrupt November Election

What You Need To Know:

On their respective roads to the White House, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are polar opposites in their demeanor, in their policies and, of course, in their politics.

2. Netflix Is Investing $100 Million In Black-Owned And Black-Led Financial Institutions And Organizations

What You Need To Know:

Three months ago, Netflix announced $100 million emergency relief to support people in tv and film production affected by the coronavirus.

3. Coronavirus Update: Coronavirus Fears May Be Bad News For Trump In November

What You Need To Know:

As states nationwide see an uptick in coronavirus cases, so does the disapproval of Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

4. Black Female Anonymous Reveals “The Truth About Essence”

What You Need To Know:

Not the way you want to celebrate a 50th Anniversary or an annual festival, presented virtually this year.

5. New Book About Hair Teaches Young Black Girls to Love Their Hair, Natural and All

What You Need To Know:

Fans of MSNBC’s “AM Joy” host Joy-Ann Reid, or as they call themselves, “Reiders”, may soon be rejoicing every night.

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