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1. Labor Day

What You Need To Know:

Today many American workers will recognize this day, Labor Day as a day set aside to acknowledge the many hours spent working to make a living to provide for our families.

2. After Troubled History, Anita Hill and Joe Biden Could Become Allies in Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What You Need To Know:

If political pundits and Americans who witnessed the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas were told that Anita Hill and Joe Biden would work together in the future, then no one would believe it. But in 2020, it’s a real possibility.

3. Coronavirus Update: Kamala Harris Says She Won’t Take Covid-19 Vaccine Administered By Trump Administration

What You Need To Know:

During a CNN interview held at Howard University over the weekend, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris said she won’t take Covid-19 vaccine that is approved and distributed before the election, citing her distrust of Trump.

4. An Unflinching Portrait of Breonna Taylor Graces Vanity Fair

What You Need To Know:

New faces are gracing the covers of Vanity Fair Magazine. The 100 plus-year-old magazine featured actress and activist Viola Davis on its July/August cover.

5. Byron Allen’s $10 Billion Charter Communications Lawsuit Gets The Green Light

What You Need To Know:

Billions of dollars are pouring into Newark, NJ’s new developments from institutional investors and tax subsidies.

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