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1. No Justice For Breonna Taylor

What You Need To Know:

Six months and ten days after the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor in her Louisville, Kentucky home, a recently impaneled grand jury released a ruling Wednesday.

2. Wells Fargo CEO Apologizes For Comments About Diversity

What You Need To Know:

After attacks from many different directions of the business world, a Wells Fargo executive has apologized for insensitive comments made about the lack of minority talent in the banking industry.

3. Coronavirus Update: Black University of Georgia Student Who Exposed School’s Pandemic Violations Receives Racist Backlash

What You Need To Know:

Arianna Mbunwe, a 20-year-old African-American University of Georgia student who used her Twitter account to expose pandemic violations at the school, is receiving racist and sexist backlash from Greek organizations on campus, some in a group chat and others on social media.

4. Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Will Vote For the First Time in November

What You Need To Know:

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has accomplished much in his 54 years of living, but there’s one thing he still wants to check off his to-do list. This year, he will exercise his right to vote.

5. T-Mobile Aims To Help Low-Income Families Overcome Education Challenges

What You Need To Know:

The first day of school is upon us, but thanks to the pandemic, dozens of schools across the country will have to extend their remote learning protocol bringing internet access into question.

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