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Washington Wizards v Houston Rockets

Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty

Coming into tonight’s Washington Wizards game against the Houston Rockets, emotions were already high. As we’ve seen throughout NBA history, the first time playing against a team that traded you is always something special. John Wall’s game tonight against his former team was definitely that.

Now, pretty much back to his pre-injury speed and skill level, Wall was not ashamed to show DC what they’re missing out on. He did not want to leave the place he’s called a second home for the past 10 years while on the other hand, Westbrook demanded out of Houston and that’s when the opportunity for the switch presented itself. Two dynamic players coming off of injuries and ready for their return, the “who won the trade” discussions began. In the beginning, many doubted Wall’s progress but he’s shown the haters wrong.

Since Westbrook wanted out of Houston, no feelings would be attached, right? I mean we all saw how he treated Kevin Durant during his return to OKC. The cupcake, yup. So him playing against the Rockets should be just another game, right? Nope. You could say the tension was building with each shot Russ missed as the Rockets’ lead grew and then in the fourth quarter, two techs flew as this exchange happened…


Despite the trash talk between those two, there was definitely no love lost with Wall and Beal. Both have been very vocal about their relationship going beyond basketball and just being teammates. Wall says he’ll never forget how Beal was there for him through his mother’s death. The former teammates shared laughs and hugs throughout the game. They even matched points during the first half of the game, both scoring 15 for their respective teams.

Washington Wizards v Houston Rockets

Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty


Wall & Westbrook Say Their Colorful Discussion On Court Was Just Some Regular Degular Trash Talk  was originally published on kysdc.com

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