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1. Civil Rights Giant, Power Broker Vernon Jordan Has Died

 What You Need To Know:

Civil Rights Leader, Attorney, Power Broker and Presidential Confidante Vernon Jordan has died.

2. Rising GOP Figure Josh Hawley Attempts to Erase Racism in CPAC Speech

What You Need To Know:

The GOP is still recovering from the CPAC convention this past weekend, as Republicans converged on Orlando, Florida in what many called “a coronation for Donald Trump.”

3. Coronavirus Update: Texas Lifts Mask Mandate and Opens All Businesses as Infections Spread

What You Need To Know:

As a decline of coronavirus infections has stalled nationwide, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted the state’s mask requirement and increased the permitted capacity of all businesses to 100 percent Tuesday.

4. Black Woman Detained Instead of White Woman Harassing Her

What You Need To Know:

Bystander video taken in February at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport shows a police officer rushing to grab a Black woman who was being verbally assaulted instead of the White woman who initiated the confrontation.

5. Russell Westbrook Banks On Varo In New $63 Million Funding Round

What You Need To Know:

Nine-time NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook joined fin-tech firm Varo Bank as a new investor and advisor after helping to lead its latest $63 million funding round. Varo was created to make a measurable impact on financial inequality and address issues of access, fairness, and fees that have often had a discriminatory legacy.

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