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According to Oklahoma police, a man hid a camera inside a woman’s alarm clock in her bedroom and recorded 140 videos which included footage of the woman as she undressed.

“A young lady called us advising that she had found what she believed to be a recording device inside her apartment.” Lt. Justin Wishon told local Oklahoma news, “It was an actual functioning digital alarm clock that held an internal SIM card that had a collection of videos on it once we got a hold of the video and the alarm clock itself.”

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After investigating, it seems that the suspect had access through an app on his phone to watch but “he didn’t have any actual procession of any videos” Oklahoma police Lt. Wishon continued, “All the videos were on the SIM card itself that were still with the recording device.” inside of the alarm clock. It’s unclear of the relationship between the man and woman but the woman says she was suspicious when he kept asking for the clock back from her. She told the police his concern for this clock made her feel uneasy.

The officer warns everyone that, although it can be difficult, please be aware of who is giving/gifting you items and pay attention to their behavior. Creepy people come in all shapes and forms. Your safety should always be first.

Brown faces one year in prison, a $5,000 fine or both if he is found guilty.

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