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Kei-Touch discusses the 3 recent police shootings in Brooklyn Center, MN, Chicago, IL and in Portland, OR with Commissioner Leonard Hamm. Discussion included professional opinions on these shootings and advice to listeners on how to interact with police. 

Leonard Hamm is the Former Police Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department who served as the head of the department from 2004-2007 and also served a total of 24 years on the police force in various leadership positions. He is also the author of The Hamm Rules on Relationships, Leadership, Love and Community 

Kei-Touch interviews Akilah Bethel who founded Bethel League, a women’s basketball league in the Baltimore metro area.  This is the Akilah played basketball overseas and is trying to encourage and inspire young ladies to earn scholarships as well playing basketball.  

Kei-Touch interviews Linda Peavy, Founder of Cultured Curves. Cultured Curves provides style, fashion and beauty tips to curvy women over 50. Also, pressing style problems that women struggle with who are mature and curvy.