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Bradley Beals' Wife Calls 'NBA 2K' Trash During Argument With Ronnie 2K

Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

One thing you’re not going to do is disrespect Kamiah Adam’s husband, Washington Wizards superstar Bradley Beal.

2K Sports digital marketing director Ronnie Singh or as the NBA 2K community knows him as Ronnie 2K, found that out the hard way Saturday (Aug.21) evening. Twitter was greeted to an unexpected back and forth between Adams and Singh due to her husband’s rating in the latest installment of the popular basketball video game franchise NBA 2K22.

On Friday, D.C. resident and Hip-Hop star Wale shared Beal’s rating in the upcoming game will be an 89, much to the disappointment of both the rapper and Beal himself. In the tweet, the “Lotus Flower Bomb” rapper wrote, “Man@Ronnie2K just told me Beal is an 89 in @nba2k #2KRatings … I demand a recount. Y’all keep playin wit bro man.” 

Keeping the conversation going, Singh asked Beal directly how he felt about his rating, and the hooper responded with a gif of himself with his hands covering his face in disappointment.

Thing’s got a bit out of hand when Beal’s wife chimed in. In a now-deleted tweet, Ronnie 2K responded to Adams, saying, “Oh boy, we have the wife upset too. That’s real love. I appreciate that.” Adams didn’t and clapped back, “Don’t flatter yourself. Your ratings are just a joke. I call it how I see it. I’m sure you’ll run into a few others that share the same belief though. & ps the game is trash. Carry on.”


In another now-deleted tweet, Singh did sarcastically respond, saying, “Hope everyone is having the best weekend except Brad Beal’s wife.” Adams responded, “@Ronnie2K is a whole joke at this point.”

She wasn’t done either, Adams took one more shot at Ronnie 2K for good measure tweeting, “Dogs bark. Ducks quack. So don’t be so surprised when clowns, do clown shit. But at least I have the courage to stand on my own two feet. @ me next time pussy @Ronnie2K. That was deleted quickly.” 

All of this is over a rating in a video game. We understand how serious athletes take their virtual counterparts’ ratings in the game, which is why games like Madden NFL and NBA 2K have begun revealing player ratings leading up to the game’s release, but this was definitely a lot.

As for Ronnie 2K, this is not the first time he has gotten into a Twitter snafu. He got called out by DeMarcus Cousins after he got caught calling the hooper a “d*ck” during a live stream session.

Ronnie 2K versus Kamiah Adams-Beal is definitely a “beef” we did not have on our bingo cards.

Photo: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

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