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The only thing worse than a racist white person is a racist white person in a position of power.

In Alabama—a utopia for white people who hate Black people like they hate gun laws and daily baths—a judge has recently been removed from the bench after being accused multiple times by multiple staffers of making blatantly racist comments and exhibiting “sexually inappropriate conduct” while serving as a high-ranking officer of the court.

According to the Washington Post, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary concluded on Friday that Randy Jinks, a now-former Talladega County probate judge who was elected to the position in 2018, was guilty of everything he’d been accused of. Jinks’ offenses, according to the nine-member panel of people who judge judges, include one that a Black staffer said took place just five months after Jinks took office in 2019 and after the employee had just bought a new car.

“I can’t even afford a car like that, and I’m the judge here,” Jinks told the employee, according to a complaint filed against him in March. “What are you doing? Selling drugs?”

I’m not sure what Jinks did before Alabama voters made the mistake of putting a gavel in his hand, but if he was one of those cops who targetted negroes in nice cars while making an “Is it a rapper or is it Nino Brown?” bet with his equally racist and white partner, I wouldn’t be surprised.

But that alleged comment was apparently only the tip of the “probably a Trump supporter” iceberg.

In fact, investigators who looked into Jinks ended up with a 78-page report detailing allegations of racism and sexual harassment suffered by those who worked for him. Jinks has been accused of repeatedly mouthing the n-word—which I can only imagine happened while he was in silent prayer hoping for some kind of negro rapture—and making inappropriate comments to female employees. He’s also been accused of calling George Floyd a “thug” who “got what he deserved,” when he died brutally with his neck under Derek Chauvin‘s knee. 

And just in case you thought I was projecting with that “probably a Trump supporter” remark, investigators also cited as evidence a recorded phone call with an employee where he joked that protesters over Floyd’s death should stop burning things down because “you’re going to need something to burn down after Trump gets reelected for a second term.” (A comment that aged well, obviously.)

Jinks—who, according to the Post, was elected to the Talladega County Commission and served as a staffer for former Republican Rep. Bob Riley before he was a judge (so he wasn’t a cop, but he also wasn’t a lawyer because, apparently, you don’t need to be a legal professional to be a probate judge)—denies the allegations against him. But before we get to his denial, I just need to point out that, if the things said about him are true, this guy reeeealy had a thing about Black people driving expensive cars.

In one of the complaints filed against him, Jinks is accused of approaching an attorney and asking if they “knew an acronym that suggested that Black people were too poor to buy nice cars,” the Post reported. What the acronym was is unclear, but the report said it contained the n-word.

Now, let’s move on to Jinks’ claim that everybody’s lying except him after the panel found there was “clear and convincing” evidence that he used racist language and displayed “sexually inappropriate conduct.”.

“I’m not saying I haven’t made a few errors along the way,” he told WOIL. “But the overwhelming majority of these very vicious and vile and vulgar accusations are false.”

Jinks’ attorney, Amanda Hardy, went with an even more generic racism apologist excuse claiming that her client was taken out of context and was targetted for being a Republican…in Alabama.

Hardy said that Jinks “spent his entire life not being accused as being a racist,” but, “Once he entered politics and became the first Republican to hold that office, that all changed.

“Judge (Jinks’) remarks were taken completely out of context and cast in a light calculated to besmirch the Judge’s character and further the accusatory attempts to remove him from office,” she continued. “Racism was imputed into the statements he made. His every action and utterance was documented and interpreted in the worst possible light.”

Apparently, Hardy thinks there’s a best possible light in which a white man is using the n-word freely and complaining about Blacks in Benzes, which would make her just as racist as the guy who just lost his job.

But hey, who am I to…

Damn, what’s the word I’m looking for? The word for a person who decides the moral standing of another person based on their actions. The job voters in Alabama give to creepy bigots who should never hold a gavel.

It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Ahh never mind—I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually. 


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