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Wholesale Real Estate investing or “Flipping” homes comes with risks but can bring even bigger rewards. It can also set you back a few or major coins. Whether you are a first-timer flipper or a more experienced investor, you may need some help in your journey. HGTV will bring you just that with the debut of their new series, “Fix My Flip,” with host Page Turner.

You may remember Turner from “Flip or Flop Nashville,” but she is now back on her own and in her hometown of Los Angeles to help inform, educate, and a little investing in flipping.


Turner talks to about the new show and what we can expect. People may look at social media and look at the glamorous side of flipping but it has its struggles. When speaking about the topic Turner said “You know, on social media, we always see the end results of all of our homes that flip. We don’t really see the process, I should say. We don’t see the end result sometimes, right. We don’t see the hardship. They show us all the glory afterward. Or sometimes the house is kind of disappears because I’m sure they got stuck in it. A lot of times people jump into real estate as soon as someone says to me, I want to get in the real estate game, that’s easy. I can do that. Oh, you think it’s a game? Okay, well, I already know they’re going to lose because real estate is a business. We’re playing with a lot of money and usually people’s life savings. So the first thing I course correct people on is the correct understanding of real estate is it’s a huge business, huge industry, and I teach people to run their flips. As such, each one of my flips is run as a business. The second thing is that people don’t have mentors. They jump head in because they see us on TV, they see on social media how glamorous it is.

Also, we get talk representation in the DIY/Home Improvement market on a major network such as HGTV. Turner talks about the steps that are being taken to open the doors of diversity. Turner doesn’t take the position she is in lightly and from the looks of it, we will be represented in a major way. Turner brings 2 decades of knowledge in real estate and Wholesale Real Estate.


Make sure you watch “Fix My Flip” Every Thursday starting on March 10th at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST on HGTV or stream on Discovery+.

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