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Prince George’s County health officials are recommending that residents bat-proof their homes after a number of rabid bats have been found.

Authorities say nine bats have tested positive for rabies since August 1. One person who came in contact with one has been treated for rabies.

The sudden rise in rabid bats in the area has some residents worried.

“It’s just horrible. I’m scared…I’m scared,” said one resident.

And officials say there is reason to be frightened after one turned up inside a county home recently.

“We have one person that was actually bitten or scratched by a rabid bat and they did get started on rabies post exposure treatment,” said Angela Crankfield-Edmond, director Prince George’s County Health Department

The spike has the county calling on residents to bat-proof their homes; basically, closing or putting a screen over any tiny cracks or small openings which could allow a bat entry.

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