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It’s been exactly six years since three Clayton County, Georgia, police officers fired nearly 60 shots into 26-year-old Jamarion Robinson’s body. Since then, one of the officers has died and the other two were indicted and charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, making false statements, and violation of oath by a public officer and are currently awaiting trial. Somehow, even with all of those charges pending, one of the two remaining officers is still on the job and, until recently, was working as a training officer.

“If it was any other person that has felonies or even has been indicted on felonies, let alone multiple, would the police department hire them?” asked Mina Turabi, who works with Robinson’s mother, Monteria Robinson, and the Jamarion Robinson Foundation, which helps people with mental illnesses. (As we previously reported, Monteria said she called 911 to help her son who had recently been diagnosed with schizophrenianot to treat his body like a target at a firing squad fantasy camp. 

Here’s how Monteria found out one of her son’s killers, Kristopher Hutchens, is still employed by the Clayton County Police Department, according to 11 Alive:

Turabi said that this week that on Tuesday, Jamarion’s mother was outraged all over again, when Dr. Rashad Richey reported on his online program “Indisputable” that Officer Hutchens was still on the job and training SWAT officers.
“It’s such a slap in the face,” Turabi said. “With the trial coming up, with the indictments, and for the fact that his anniversary is Friday, for him to be working at the police department in any capacity.”
In fact, Hutchens’ file with the state showed that as of Wednesday, his certification as an instructor was still active.It’s like having OJ Simpson teach classes on proper knife handling. If police departments weren’t generally institutions with an unwritten “boys in blue will be boys in blue” policy, it would be hard to imagine that Hutchens’ trainees weren’t constantly raising their hands to ask: “Bro, ain’t you awaiting trial for murdering a Black mentally ill civilian?”

Ultimately, CCPD tole 11 Alive that it reassigned Hutchens to another unknown position. So, he might not still be an accused murderer training a new class of potential accused murderers, but he’s still working as a law enforcement officer.

“Recent concerns presented to the Clayton County Board of Commissioners about the administrative assignment of Sergeant K. Hutchens, to the in-service training unit have impacted the Board and the Clayton County Police Department,” officials said in a statement. “Chief Kevin Roberts has reconsidered the Sergeant’s assignment, and moved him to a non-training duty; effective immediately.”

Apparently, the board is under the impression that public “concerns” are limited to Hutchens having a job training police officers when the core issue is that he’s still employed as a police officer period. Shifting a killer cop from one position to another is not going to appease people who want him fired, least of all, Jamarion’s mother.

“For her to be reliving this every single day,” Turabi said during a press conference Thursday. “I mean, she had a long fight just to get to that indictment. And now with all this stuff coming up with the anniversary…it really shines a light on the struggle that’s continuing. It’s one battle after the next.”

“We the people demand that Kristopher Hutchens is terminated from the Clayton County Police Department immediately,” Monteria said during the press conference, which took place in front of police headquarters, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

“Where in this country can you go and be indicted for felony murder and still have a job with the company that you were indicted at?” she asked. “Let me answer that question for you, in the United States of America.”



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