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Today marks the 24th anniversary of Nickelodeon’s beloved show Cousin Skeeter. The popular sitcom debuted September 1, 1998 and starred Robert Ri’chard, Bill Bellamy, Meagan Good, Rondell Sheridan, Angela Means and Tisha Campbell. Read more fun facts about the show and discover how Penny Hardaway’s Nike commercial became its inspiration.

As Cousin Skeeter fans celebrate the show’s anniversary, we discovered a few fun facts behind the show. Its’ first episode was released today titled “It’s A Family Thing,” where the family has recently moved to New York and the main character, Bobby Flaky’s (Ri’chard) cousin Skeeter (Bellamy) comes to stay. Guests MC Lyte and Tisha Campbell, who voices Nicole, appear in the pilot.

The children’s sitcom originally aired on Nickelodeon in 1998 and ran for three seasons until 2001. It starred Ri’chard as Bobby, a young boy whose life changed when his strange cousin Skeeter came to live with them.

Here are some fun facts fans learned about the show:

Skeeter Was Real

The show never mentions that Skeeter is a puppet. If you go back and watch, there is literally never any mention of him obviously being a puppet and not a real person.

Also, R&B trio 702 performed the theme song, which is still recognizable to this day. The theme song is a remix to their song “Steelo.”

The Actors Never Interacted With Skeeter’s Voice Actor Bill Bellamy

While filming, the actor’s reacted to Skeeter’s puppeteer. They never heard BHellamy’s voice in there of Skeeter until the episode was released.

Cousin Skeeter’s Inspiration

The inspiration to create this unusual show came from a Nike commercial starring Penny Hardaway and Little Penny, his puppet, voiced by Chris Rock. 

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