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Prince William County is in the middle of a legal battle with Krispy Kreme over a destroyed sewer system.

Fairfax County filed a $19 million lawsuit against the doughnut giant in May over a broken sewer that served Krispy Kreme’s plant at the Gunston Commerce Center in Lorton, Va.

Fairfax County officials claim the company’s yeast, grease and other doughnut byproduct destroyed the pipes.

Krispy Kreme argues that a faulty sewer design and operation are to blame, saying the sewage was allowed to stagnate and become corrosive.

The waste eventually travels to Prince William’s H.L. Mooney Treatment Works in Woodbridge, the company also is suing the outer suburb.

Krispy Kreme has operated the plant on Furnace Road for more than four years, and has made doughnuts in Fairfax since 1962. In a recent court filing, it cites “fatal flaws” in the piping and materials of the sewer system that allowed the material to decompose, form sulfuric acid and eat through the pipes.

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