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For whatever reason, Vanity Fair finds Daily Wire host and fierce Minnie Mouse polka dot protector Candace Owens interesting enough to publish an entire profile feature on her, which includes an anecdote about an acclaimed designer who refused to do business with her and hilariously refused to mince words while letting her know.

Owens said that her husband sent “the most polite email” to David Netto, “whose design wizardry and writing appears in Architectural Digest and Elle Decor,” among other publications, according to UPROXX. Netto, is, apparently, not a fan of Owens or her spouse (and, I mean, I can’t imagine why), and he did not bother being shy about that fact when he responded to the email inquiring about his services.

“Dear George, thank you for your inquiry,” Netto reportedly wrote. “I’d rather get beat in the a** with a wooden plank than ever go near either of you. Kind regards, David.”

In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy: “That’s funny there, I don’t care who you are!”

Seriously, my only critique is that I don’t feel Netto took enough time to write something a little more creative in expressing unpleasant alternatives he would prefer to working with Owens or her hubby.

I would have gone much lower:

“Dear Candace’s tragically unfortunate husband,

I would sooner spend eight hours watching paint dry on the side of a grass-growing museum…

I would rather listen to an entire audiobook narrated by Ben Carson while trying my hardest to stay awake during a cross-country road trip…

I would allow myself to be waterboarded to the tune of a 24-hour loop of Ben Shapiro reciting the lyrics to Cardi B’s “WAP”…before I sully myself by doing even $5 and a Walmart gift card’s worth of business with you or your sunken place succubus wife.

Sincerely, Kick Rocks!”

Anyway, Owens is pretending she suddenly cares about racism in suggesting that Netto’s response was discriminatory.

“If a white conservative male had written that email to an outspoken Black liberal, he would’ve lost everything,” she said. “They would’ve said it was like Jim Crow.”

Obviously, Owens didn’t bother citing even a single example of a conservative Caucasian who “lost everything” because he refused to do business with an “outspoken Black liberal,” because that’s an absurd hypothetical. Bakeries don’t even “lose everything” after refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, which is actual discrimination that Owens wouldn’t waste an ounce of her breath speaking out against.

Hell, Owens recently declared that her eyes shouldn’t have to be polluted by images of a woman in a wheelchair modeling ladies’ underwear for a company’s ad—but nah, I’m sure anti-Black conservative ‘Jim Crow’-style racism is the reason Netto finds her reprehensible enough to refuse service to her. 

“It’s not a race thing, it’s a terrorism/amorality thing,” Netto told Vanity Fair of his email.

“After January 6, the joke’s over,” he continued. “People like this should expect to be recognized as complicit with something very dangerous—and I don’t mean Kanye—and expect to be told off in polite society.”

At the end of the day, Netto is a private business owner who has the right to choose his clients. And Owens would do well to stop working so hard at making herself unlikable if she’s going to cry salty wannabe-white tears when it turns out people don’t like her.


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