Walters Sentenced To 17 Years For DC Tax Scam

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Harriette Walters receives a 17 year, 6 month sentence as the mastermind of the DC tax scam.

VIA WASHINGTON CITY PAPER: Just around 12 noon on Tuesday, a DC court sentenced Harriette Walters to a long awaited 17 year, 6 month sentence for her crimes. The judgment was handed down by federal judge Emmet G. Sullivan.

The 52-year-old will also have to make restitution for the $48 million that she stole. In addition, she has to pay $12 million in tax payments to the federal government and $3.2 million to the District. Walters is a former mid-level manager in the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue who engineered a complicated tax-assessment scam.

Speaking for herself, Walters said, “I stand before your honor in full repentance. I never blamed anyone for my part in what I did.” She went on to detail the cooperation she’d given to authorities investigating the scam and insisted that without her assistance, the scam could have been perpetrated all over again.

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