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A 1998 incident became national news when Ruth Ann Sherman, a teacher in Bushwick, Brooklyn, introduced her students to the book Nappy Hair by African American author Carolivia Herron. Sherman, who is white, was criticized by parents of black children, who thought that the book presented a negative stereotype.

During August 2007, American Lawyer Magazine reported that an unnamed junior Glamour Magazine staffer did a presentation on the “Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Fashion” for Cleary Gottlieb, a New York City law firm. There was a slide show where the woman made negative remarks about black women’s natural hairstyles in the workplace, calling them “shocking,” “inappropriate,” and “political.” Both the law firm and Glamour Magazine issued apologies to the staff. However, natural afro hair texture continues to be an issue in US workplaces.

Join Wendy Wright and guest, Dr. Carolivia Herron this Saturday for a candid discussion about her book, “Nappy Hair,” and the ongoing controversy over natural, afro-textured hair. Talk just got interesting!

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