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Nick Bunick was born in a neighborhood of Boston to a family who never owned a car or a home. Nick had natural gifts, though, and in high school became captain of athletic teams, president of his class and went on to college on a scholarship. Though he was not raised a Christian, Nick had a profound love for Jesus every since he was a boy.

As described in his book, In God’s Truth, starting in 1977, nine psychics and mystics, in three different states, independently told Nick that he was the soul who lived 2000 years ago and was known as the Apostle Paul. Nick, who by now had became a successful businessman and who served on the boards of several corporations, found this premise difficult to accept.

Over the years, Nick himself started to receive telepathic messages from angelic beings, who he calls the “messengers.” In the spring of 1996, at 4:44 in the morning, Nick was awakened by the messengers and told that a book about his being St. Paul would be written and distributed in Seattle. 444 had become a symbol for Nick, as important events in his spiritual journey seemed to be associated with the number 444. This is a way that the spiritual world can communicate with us. Though it is relatively difficult for a spirit being to produce a light body that can be seen in the material world, it is fairly easy for a spirit being to set up synchronistic events associated with a symbol, such as 444, which becomes a signal. Angelic beings and spirit guides communicate to us through such signals and symbols.

When Nick went into his office that morning in the spring of 1996, he found a message from Gary Hardin, a writer, who had heard about spiritual experiences that Nick was having and who wanted to write a book about Nick’s story. The book was written in a few weeks and was called, The Messengers. The first half is a narrative which summarizes Nick’s story and the second half consists of transcripts of past life regressions that Nick underwent conducted by Julia Ingram, a professional hypnotherapist, which began in 1991. In these regressions, Nick accessed memories of his past life as the Apostle Paul.

Nick’s primary interest, in this lifetime, is to set the record straight regarding the early history of Christianity, including the life of Paul and the Church’s purposeful removal of the doctrine of reincarnation from the teachings of the Church. He says it’s time the world knew how religion has failed humanity, and how the Christian Church has distorted the teachings of Jesus.

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