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If “Boyz N The Hood” should be remembered for anything, let it be for its exposure to a side of Los Angeles few living outside of the area were aware. The streets of South Central, Los Angeles and Compton were already getting a soundtrack due to the success of rap groups like N.W.A, but in “Boyz N The Hood”, those streets now had a motion picture to tell their story.

While a movie about one of America’s most notorious ghettos, directed by a young, first-time, African-American filmmaker named John Singleton, and starring a very popular rapper named Ice Cube alongside a handful of fairly unknown African-American actors, doesn’t quite seem like the recipe for blockbuster success, “Boyz N The Hood” would prove the skeptics wrong. Nearly 20 years after its release, it is now considered a classic film by any and all measures.

1. For the classic phrase, “All you do is eat, sleep, and sh*t”

2. The Liquor Store conspiracy theory.

3. The barbecue at Doughboy and Ricki’s house.

4. The game of dominoes gets it’s moment in the spotlight

5. The cops, especially the black ones.

6. Brandi goes to Spelman

7. Angela Bassett’s brief but powerful role as Tre’s mother, Reva.

8. Furious giving his son Tre a homemade haircut

9. The made-up story Tre tells Furious about having sex.

10. One word: Gentrification. How many people learned what that was from “Boyz N The Hood”?

11. Furious telling Tre and his friends the SAT is culturally bias years before it was a national issue.