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Animal abuse has many faces and comes in many forms. It’s a dog in a puppy mill producing litter after litter of puppies. It’s an elephant or tiger forced to perform for a circus crowd. It’s a dog or rooster thrown into a pit and made to fight to the death. It’s a raccoon tortured at the hands of teenagers for “fun.” It may even be a pet in your neighborhood, who is mistreated or doesn’t get enough food, water, or attention. In short, it’s any behavior that’s harmful or life-threatening to an animal. Why should you care? Because it’s the right thing to do; because cruelty to animals is illegal; because people who harm animals may also harm people.

 Join Wendy Wright and Washington DC Humane Society’s Scott Giacoppo Saturday at 1pm ET for a sobering discussion about animal abuse and cruelty. Talk just got interesting!

Wright On The Edge, Saturday from 1-3pm on WOL and streaming live at