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You’ll find them in every major city. They are the taxi cab and drivers. They are what get tourist to and from; local residents to work and back; some folks to the doctor and others to the supermarket. Some of us get to know the drivers very well from frequent use. To most of us, the taxi cab driver is a total stranger we trust to get us to our destination in the shortest, safest and least expensive route. The cab drivers fears include armed robbery; riders bolting without paying; small fares after waiting in lines at hotels and airports, no tips and drunken passengers throwing up in the back seat. Cab drivers are a unique group of people. They must listen and take direction accurately. They hear just about everything. Some cab drivers are independent. Most belong to a company. All taxis operate under rules and regulations based on the city or region they work. This show will attempt to address some of those issues, as well as some of your complaints. Hail this show Wednesdays from 11am-12noon to find out more about the taxi situation in the greater Washington metropolitan region.

Noted television and radio reporter LaToya Foster will host this weekly show. Ms. Fosters’ first guest will be Mr. Nathan H Price, Chairperson of The District of Columbia Taxicab Drivers Association (DCPTDA). Price is a D.C. native who has been driving a taxi for the past thirty-eight years. He has spent the past fifteen years as chairperson of the DCPTDA which fights for the rights of taxicab drivers to ensure a fair return on their capital investment and a fair wage for their labor. Our call-in number is 1-800-450-7876.