Burgundy & Gold Open Training Camp Tomorrow

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Training camp’s opening day is no different than the first day of a beach vacation. It may rain later in the week and a sunburn is looming. You know the fun times will end. But for now, it’s all upside.

The Washington Washington Football Team believe they can make the playoffs. A 10-win season is possible, though in the NFC East that might only buy the second wild card. Long before injuries decimate the roster, opponents decipher playcalling or quarterback Jason Campbell is befuddled, the upside remains possible.

“We’re on our way,” coach Jim Zorn said. “We’re not starting out with an injury report.”

Campbell is the key. Critics believe he’s not a good quarterback. But where were naysayers last season when Campbell didn’t throw an interception during a 6-2 start? When the offensive line crumbled and running back Clinton Portis couldn’t find many yards, Campbell also went downhill. Coincidence?

The offensive line may be the foundation for high expectations. Left tackle Chris Samuels is healthy and 30 pounds lighter after ending last season on injured reserve. Derrick Dockery is now the young left guard ready to blossom. Right guard Randy Thomas is healthy after an offseason neck operation that he was crazy to play with last season. Mike Williams may be the new right tackle after shedding 100 pounds over the offseason.

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