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CHICAGO – A father and son duo are accused of killing the father’s girlfriend in a shocking crime.

Devin Bickham Sr. allegedly orchestrated the killing and then called 911 after his girlfriend died, blaming unknown assailants.

ABC reports:

In his frantic 911 call, Bickham Sr. claimed ignorance of the shooter’s identity, crying, “My girlfriend got shot.” When the 911 operator asked Bickham who shot his girlfriend, the former-cop replied, “I don’t know. Some guy but he kept going. Help me.” When asked if his girlfriend was breathing, Bickham’s emotional response was almost unintelligible. “No. She’s gone. She’s not breathing. Oh please.”

“Allegedly there are some text messages between [Bickham] Jr. and [Bickham] Sr. It appears that senior Bickham guided them to the location where they would be,” Rutz said. “It gave the appearance that he was setting up the murder.”

Read The Whole Story At ABC


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