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Summer Trends That Need to End

By Dina Estelle Williams

Trendy fashions seem to be made for specific body types and personalities. What looks good on Andrew may not be a good fit for Patrick.  And while Rhonda’s romper works for her, Julie’s jumper may need some adjusting. Everyone has style.  Be creative and define yours, while recognizing that everything is not for everybody. Perhaps some of your summer trends need to end.

Are your outfits blending? Summer Trends that Need to End will be the topic of discussion on the July 31st “Trending with EZ” show on WOL 1450 AM Talk Radio (WOLDCNews.com…Where Information is Power).

I’m not a fashion expert.  I wear what works for me.  And since I’m already cute, I tend to go for what’s clean and comfortable, creating my own chic look.  I appreciate and embrace style.  Individuality and creativity speak volumes.    

It’s hot outside, and folks are wearing less, sometimes looking a hot mess.   Creativity is cool; but some can look like a fool in an outfit that just doesn’t fit.  Let’s discuss the summer outfit that makes you wonder “what in the world?”  Perhaps they didn’t think, or had an alcoholic drink when they got dressed. Ooops.  The mirror lied. Next time ask a trusted friend. Then, too, a complete stranger can provide unbiased feedback and comments. 

Television and the entertainment industry influence many fashion trends.  So when one sees Chris Brown wearing a jumper or man-pris, or Lady Gaga sporting her stuff, let it be.  They get paid to look that way. 


Cropped pants and capris on a man (man-pris) have been said to look more chic on guys when they are accompanied with a jacket. Fashioneers also claim man-pris look good and classy when socks are omitted, or quite cool when worn with boots. Nevertheless, cropped pants just may not be a good look (or feel) for the summer.  Are they a summer trend that needs to end?

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, or drainpipe jeans, were worn by Elvis and other rock stars in the 50’s and 60’s. They stayed around a bit in the 70’s and 80’s; and Michael Jackson wore them in the 90s.  They weren’t seen too much at the turn of the century, but today you may see teenagers, rockers, hip-hoppers, hipsters, skaters, and other guys wearing them. 

Though some find guys in skinny jeans rather revolting, others like the look. Guys wear them for shock value; because they have skinny legs; to be different; because they feel sexy; or to be in touch with their feminine side.  Moreover, Justin Timberlake and Kanye West wear skinny jeans, so some guys may want to attract that same love and attention these pop stars receive. “Daniel” from Laurel remarks, “I don’t really care about the look too much.  My skinny butt is just excited that there’s a pair of pants that I don’t need to use a needle and thread before wearing.” 


Are tight-fitting clothes another summer trend that needs to end? Some believe If it ain’t tight, it aint right.  In 1974, R&B funksters, The Ohio Players, had a top hit with “Skin Tight” (“Runnin’ folks in ditches. Baby about to bust the stitches.” Well sing another song, because this is wrong.  Who wants to look and feel like a sausage; not to mention become functionally disabled?  Try to pick up something when your clothes are too tight.  Geez!  You better not sneeze. 


Rompers are back, and they are not just for girls.  Ladies are working these outfits, also known as jumpers or onesies.  Whatever you term it, the outfit is really cute and comfy. And when properly accessorized, a jumper can be quite sophisticated. The type with the adjustable strap is a yup, as they tend not to ride up. But take heed.  This hot summer trend has a need to end for some.

  • We must fault her, for wearing a halter, if the boobies overlap and don’t stay within the strap.   
  • If your waist doesn’t look fantastic, don’t wear the gathered-elastic.  Looks uncomfortable.
  • Be a sport and wear the longer short, so others won’t puke when they see you in that daisy duke.
  • Take a hint when you see others squint while you’re wearing that vibrant print.
  • If you have a pregnant look, (but there’s no baby), perhaps hold off a while, before wearing the striped style.


 Summer Boots

Boots don’t often come to mind for footwear in the summertime.  Some may fret or even sweat just thinking about the idea.  Others feel the peep-toe, netted, laced, or just-above-the-ankle type work well in the heat.  But what about the knee-high ones?  Is this another summer trend that needs to end?  And guys, don’t let Kirk Franklin make you believe that boots in the summer are Sunday’s best.

Things to Consider

  • Less skin is never in when everything is sticking out. 
  • Showing off your underwear can be a real scare. 
  • Have some fear.  Who wants to see your brassiere?   
  • Don’t dress scanty, allowing others to see your panty.  
  • Good grief! It’s time to beef.  Stop showing your brief. 
  • Even if you’re a rocker, no one wants to see your boxer.  
  • Unless on a beach, guys should not go shirtless (even if you have a six-pack), but especially if you got boobies.  This just stirs up all sorts of commotion and emotions. 
  • And wearing socks with flip-flops is just wrong for all the right reasons!


Fashion is like a tide.  It comes back in waves. It reverts back and repeats itself.  What we see today will leave for a minute, but return in time.  While it’s fine to hold on to some outfits so you can have it when the trend returns, it’s also okay to rid those things that you probably should never have worn. Some clothes just need to stay in the stores or in your closet.  Every outfit does not fit everybody. 

Personally, I prefer fabric of the mind to what’s on the body, believing it’s better to be remembered for a profound provocative thought versus provocative clothes.  Material of the mind.  Now that’s a trend that should never end.