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JET Magazine is celebrating its 60th anniversary this week.

The pocket sized weekly has been through it all — economic downturns, turmoil at parent company Johnson Publishing, and most importantly, the impact the Internet has had on magazine sales.

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The cover of the 60th-anniversary issue, which comes out on Thursday, features President Barack Obama. He is one of 10 African Americans celebrated in the article “Living the Dream,” according to Tia Brown, the magazine’s senior editor. Others in the article include Oprah Winfrey, the Rev. T.D. Jakes, Beyoncé and Queen Latifah. “These are people who have been able to achieve the ultimate level of success,” says Brown.

Jet has not hesitated to acknowledge the recurring features that made it so successful in its day. This issue includes a retrospective of the “Jet Beauty of the Week,” which delivered a full-page photograph of a girl-next-door type in every issue. Brown says that the magazine wanted to show how fashion and beauty standards had changed over time, with photos of women taken from every decade going back to the 1960s in the special issue.

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