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It appears Chris Brown and Rihanna are going to continue their online ‘tweet affair,’ into 2012.

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Earlier today the pair exchanged subliminal messages of love via Twitter.

This morning Rihanna tweeted to an unknown person about being on the same page with them.

“And we on da same page…(For the most part)”

Rihanna Tweets first message.bmp

Moments later the “You Da One” singer tweeted a message of love to one of her followers.

“I’ll always love u #1LOVE”

Rihanna second tweet.bmp

Almost instantly Chris Brown took to Twitter to relay a message of his own.

“Love U more than u know!”

Chris Brown Tweets2.bmp

In May Rihanna and Chris Brown reconnected on Twitter for the first time since their infamous fight in 2009.

Recently many internet bloggers have said that the former lovers are sending coded messages to each other through their public tweets.

Two weeks ago Chris Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins, who goes by @mombreezy on Twitter added fuel to the firestorm of rumors that her son and Rihanna are indeed getting back together, by tweeting a message of love to an unknown female follower, who believe was Rihanna.

This is just one more element to add the curious case of Chris Brown and Rihanna.

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