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This time of year is always marked by some major decision making on the part of Super Bowl partygoers.

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Do I go to an Irish Pub and down shots as I watch my favorite team lose?

Do I sip cocktails at my favorite happy hour spot?

Do I go to a friend’s house and hope that they’re not scooping drinks out of a fraternity house garbage pail?

According to New York City mixologist Duane Fernandez, Jr, the solution is simple:

You don’t have to leave your house when [I] show you how to make your own drinks. Plus, you’ll be the coolest kid in the neighborhood with some trend-setting recipes.

Fernandez says that beer cartels are the latest rage; that’s incorporating beer with booze for you uninitiated. This way, all of the different crowds – from the casual happy-hour set to the boozing, upchucking college students — can be in the same room.

Fernandez has 10 years of experience in the industry and his recipes have received accolades from GQ Magazine, Timeout New York, the New York Times, and NBC News. He was also the top finalist in Season 2 of the NBC reality show “The Search for America’s Top Bartender.”

Keenly observant of popular drinking trends, Fernandez says that “Punch Bowl Cartels” are making a comeback. Created in India in 1700, old-school Indian bartenders would incorporate spices and juices into their punch bowls, and thirsty revelers would scoop their drinks — just like at your favorite fraternity party. Fernandez says that he has witnessed a resurgence of this method at cocktail lounges across the country.

While people are talking about beer cartels (wine cartels are already popular), they haven’t officially begun yet — so you will be the first! Here are Fernandez’s three recipes:

All American Punch

Serves 10 to 20 people

1 bottle of Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon

1 quart of fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 quart of Simple syrup

½ quart of boiling hot water

½ quart of super fine sugar boiled down

The boiled down sugar as a part of the ingredients will balance off the fresh squeezed lemon juice and then you can add about 10 dashes of liquid smoke. You can also incorporate three cans of all American Budweiser, which will give it a crisp, elegant flavor.

The Mexican Football

Serves 10 to 20 people

2 oz. Avion Tequila

1 oz. of fresh squeezed lime juice

½ oz. of jalapeno simple syrup

Shake up this drink and then pour it over fresh ice. Then you can top it off with Corona. Serve this drink at halftime.

The Fourth Quarter

Serves 10 to 20 people

1 oz. of Makers Mark 46 (spicy Bourbon)

Back it up with a shot of Guinness

Hopefully your team is winning because this is a celebratory shot.

If you want to ask the mixologist any questions — or want to see him live in action — follow him on Twitter.


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