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In one-on-one interview, Obama reveals how First Family stays fit and pledges her devotion to this cause in her post-White House years.

SiriusXM’s Joe Madison recently sat down with First Lady Michelle Obama at the “Let’s Move!” Faith and Communities Event held February 11 at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida at which the First Lady spoke about the progress that has been made during the last two years of “Let’s Move!,” her national initiative to end childhood obesity within a generation.

In an interview airing Wednesday, February 22 at 8:00 am ET on The Joe Madison Show on The Power (SiriusXM ch.128), Obama tells SiriusXM host Joe Madison that she and President Obama practice what they preach when it comes to the message of “Let’s Move!,” revealing that exercise is such a priority that there is a treadmill on Air Force One for the President to get his daily workout in no matter what.

She also pledges her commitment to this effort in the years after her family has officially left the White House, saying: “…this is a cause that can’t be solved in a few years. It’ll take generations for us to change the way our children see food and how they raise their kids and how communities…[will be]… structured…I’m writing a book that is going to focus on the White House kitchen garden and the proceeds of that are going to be used to deal with this issue, to look at community gardens, and I’m already looking for ways to keep the conversation going long after I’m out of this position.”

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