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HOUSTON-LaDondrell Montgomery had his life sentence for armed robbery removed after he remembered his air tight alibi. He was in jail at the time of the armed robbery.

Montgomery had been in and out of jail and did not remember that he was in jail at time of the crime until his lawyer found out.

ABC News reports:

LaDondrell Montgomery might not have known where he was on Dec. 13, 2009, but he knew one place where he was not- the check cashing store that was held up by an armed robber.

He insisted throughout the trial that he was not the man in the surveillance footage that was used to convict him and sentence him to life in prison.

Montgomery’s life sentence was thrown out after his attorney, Ronald Ray, scoured his rap sheet and realized he had been in jail at the time on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and hadn’t been released until nine hours after the crime.

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