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LOS ANGELES-Jules Manson, a former candidate for city council in Carson, California and enthusiastic Ron Paul supporter  wrote “Assassinate the f#@#en n-word and his monkey children” in a Facebook post.

Manson is a Libertarian and a big Ron Paul supporter who would regularly post on Ron Paul’s website and Facebook page. It seems that there has been an effort to take away Manson’s online presence as his Facebook page and posts on Ron Paul’s website have been removed but several screen grabs and a google cache reveal his postings. On this Facebook Post on Ron Paul’s page, Manson says “I may be an atheist but Ron Paul is my God.” Here is a screen grab of Manson’s call to assassinate Obama and his children.

On the site RedpillLibraries, Manson has a picture of Obama dressed like Hitler and rants against the Federal Reserve, a common enemy of Ron Paul. On his LinkedIn Page, Manson list himself as a Mechanical Designer/Engineer and a member of the Libertarian Party. While most of Manson’s Facebook posts have been removed, here is one where he rants once again against the Federal Reserve, a common target of Ron Paul’s.

Manson is not the first Ron Paul supporter tied to racism. Paul famously took a picture with, Don Black, a former KKK grand Wizard and founder of the white supremacist site, Stormfront, who also raises money for Paul on his site, which Paul has refused to give back Paul has also been taking heat for his racist newsletters, written in the 80s and 90s which he has denied writing but given no reasonable explanation for.

Ron Paul is also a supporter of the John Birch Society, a organization that has produced several of the intellectual leaders of the white supremacist movement.