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WASHINGTON — Conservative groups are condemning new guidelines that require health insurers to cover birth control with no co-pay. The most extreme objection has come from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who said on Monday that offering free birth control to women could kill ofF the entire human race. Well if you applied that preventative medicine […]

MINNEAPOLIS — A Black student at a predominantly white high school outside of Minneapolis has filed a federal class action lawsuit against her school for supporting an annual “wigger day” celebration. Quera Pruitt, who attends Red Wing High School, claims that the school was indifferent to the harm this day did to their Black student […]

The state of North Carolina is working on a plan to compensate thousands of residents who were victims of state-mandated sterilization. State eugenics laws, which began after World War II and lasted up until 1977, sterilized men, women and children as young as 10-years-old in an attempt at better breeding and population control. Social workers […]

R&B singer Akon is defending President Barack Obama after Lupe Fiasco called him the “biggest terrorist. Akon spoke with VladTV in an interview and said that Lupe has to look at the bigger picture. BET reports: “I travel internationally, so I see what Obama is doing for the U.S.” explained Akon. “He’s actually changed the […]

NEW YORK — Former NBA player and streetball legend, Rafer “Skip To My Lou” Alston has been sued by Erick Franceschini who claims he hit him in the head with a bottle at a Queens strip club. The New York Daily News reports: Franceschini charged that patrons of the jiggle joint were ushered outside on […]

Curtis Bunn sure knows how to throw a book party. The National Book Club Conference, Bunn’s popular annual creation, was held this past weekend at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. The multi-talented Tyrese Gibson was there promoting his provocative new book, How to Get Out of your Own Way. Roland Martin received the Terrie Williams […]

(Washington, DC)   —  A security breach at the White House lands a man in federal custody.  A man jumped the fence on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House but was immediately tackled by security officers.  The man was ordered to lay down on the ground by security personnel and was seen being led away. […]

Roland Martin talks with White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer about the agreement reached to raise the debt ceiling and why progressives should be happy with the debt deal. Pfeiffer also answers questions about potential budget cuts as well as how the poor, disenfranchised and those who need the most help in this economy will […]

Intruders ramsacked the home of an 83-year-old Chicago woman on Friday, defacing her home with the n-word to deter her welcoming her nurse’s aide, who happens to be Black, into her home. After suffering health issues last year, Lucia DeFrancesco needed the help of a nurse’s aide. Her aide is Black, which the racist intruders […]

Wouldn’t you like to know how educated the republican candidates for the presidency in 2012 are? Of course you would. Whenever we hear about Republican candidates and their educational backgrounds, many of us have heard too many ludicrous and asinine comments to believe they ever even went to school. The same goes for some democrats […]