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NEW YORK — New York police are looking for two men who they believe are suspects in the shooting death of high school basketball star Tayshana Murphy on Sunday. Surveillance video place suspects Tyshawn Brockington and Robert Cartagena, both 21, at the scene. A third suspect, Terique Collins, 24, was arrested on Monday. The New York […]

The number of Americans living under the poverty line in the U.S. hit a 52-year-high, according to the new U.S. Census. The report, “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010,” showed that close to 15.1 percent of all Americans now live below the poverty line. Though the most shocking statistic of […]

A new book about Sarah Palin claims that she had a one night stand with former NBA player Glen Rice. The book claims that Palin had sex with Rice during a college basketball tournament in Alaska in 1987 while Rice was playing for Michigan, and Palin was a sports reporter for a TV station in […]

Television personality and author Tavis Smiley recently sat down with TheGrio to talk about his upcoming PBS special “Too Important to Fail,” which examines the Black student education gap, and to address his criticsim of President Barack Obama. During the interview, Smiley is unapologetic about his criticism of Obama saying, “My job has always been […]

The man who was killed in a violent hate crime in Jackson, Mississippi last month by an alleged group of white teens, is not the only person involved in the case facing discrimination. James C. Anderson, the man killed in the hate crime in which a group of white teens allegedly yelled “Kill that Ni**er,” […]

The Obama administration has deported close to one million undocumented immigrants since January 2009, according to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. The current numbers only go up to the end of July, so the administration may have already passed the one million mark. By comparison, in his last 28 months in office, Bush deported about 785,148 undocumented […]

Since the early 1960s, federally-funded food stamps have subsidized America’s food insecurity problem, providing support for some 17 million people in the last year alone. As the program has grown in recent years, everyone from farmer’s markets to fast food chains are vying for a slice of the $65 billion, as more people are demanding […]

By Kenneth Mallory District of Columbia officials joined the Washington D.C. Chamber of Commerce and metro area business leaders to announce the creation of a voluntary hiring initiative to facilitate the employment of city residents by area employers. The “One City-One Hire,” initiative is designed to provide wage subsidies, tax-incentives, and job training by the […]

Arizona, a state that is regularly accused of having a serious issue with people of color, received another stain to its reputation. Last week, four white female students at Arizona State University showed up to a football game wearing Black face. The school asked students to wear all-Black attire to celebrate the new uniforms in […]

An Atlanta man is using discounts to encourage Black women to wear their hair natural. Joey Digital, an Atlanta club promoter who has openly expressed his love for natural hair online, is offering discounts for various events for women with natural hair that use the code “natural” when buying tickets. Joey Digital has expressed his […]