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Morgan State University has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with acclaimed director Spike Lee to kickstart students’ careers in the film industry.

The President/General of the Universal African Peoples Organization, Zaki Baruti, Doctor A and DC activist Ayo Handy-Kendi join The Carl Nelson Show

According to the recent TomTom Traffic Index. The study reveals an average travel time of 21 minutes and 20 seconds for a mere six miles of driving in the nation’s capital...

Author, Attorney & Reparations advocate Nkechi Taifa, Award-winning video photographer Jeffrey Nichols plus Banking & Financial expert Darnell Parker join The Carl Nelson Show...

Civil Rights activist Willie Mukassa Ricks, NY activist Charles Barron, DC activist Dyrell Muhammad and Temple University professor Nah Dove join The Carl Nelson Show.

A program in PG County is making significant strides in enhancing it for people across the entire state, and the best part—it’s free!

The co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter, Dr. Melina Abdullah, Dick Gregory’s youngest son Yohance and Financial Advisor JB Bryan join The Carl Nelson Show.

From Community Events to Giveaways, here's a few of the positives that happened in January with The Washington Wizards.

Black Politics expert Dr. James Taylor and Music Historian Bill Carpenter join The Carl Nelson Show.

Dr. Monifa McKnight has mutually agreed with the Montgomery County Board of Education to separate because....