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Derrick Jaxn lived long enough to see himself quickly go from being the hero to becoming the villain.

If you're a big fan of Future please make sure to respect his personal space. One of his followers found out the hard way. 

Barstool Sports has found itself in hot water yet again. This time around, NBC hockey commentator Gord Miller hopped on Twitter to air out his grievances with the huge sports platform and why he refuses to be associated with it. Miller had some time to kill before hopping on a flight, so he decided to […]

While some are reporting that the payments did indeed come in on St. Patrick's Day, some others aren't having the same kind of luck on Twitter.

Shaun King is feeling the wrath of Twitter once again after coming to the defense of Tamika D. Mallory.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are currently all the rave with investors, but lately, NFTs (nonfungible tokens) have grabbed the spotlight.

Twitter users are freaking out after the social media platform announced a pair of new features.

Tiger Woods, 45, was involved in a single accident this morning (February 23) after losing control of his vehicle in Southern California. Reportedly, the authorities had to use tool to remove the golf legend from the SUV. Woods was reportedly taken to a hospital and into surgery. Early reports say he suffered leg injuries […]

"I'ma tell you why I'm mad, youknowhatI'msayin? I'ma tell you why I'm mad... These n*ggas is makin' $500K videos... drivin' around in hot cars... They got b*tches, they got all that sh*t. I'm still livin' with my Moms... That's my word."

Tessica even talks about Go Fund Me holding the money that she planned to give to charity because of people claiming fraud on the account. Tessica explained that...