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Over the course of the past day, Black Twitter has once again boosted the culture with some of the most hilarious comments regarding the inauguration ceremonies for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

If you're wondering why Joe Biden only follows 12 people on Twitter and Chrissy Teigen is one of's what's Hot Off The Wire.

Today (January 20) we finally saw President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris inaugurated, but not before Sen. Bernie Sanders became meme gold. Dressed like he was just stopping in amidst running numerous errands, the Vermont Senator's unbothered look while seated and socially distanced has inspired copy & paste greatness.

The memes are infinite from today's celebration, but the one that is still heating up the timeline is that of US Senator Bernie Sanders. Twitter is having a field day photoshopping him into different settings and using Bernie as the meme of the week. 

Things took a hard left turn when Philly comedian Tizz 215 and his wifey Tylar Renae decided to part take in the TikTok challenges. Midway through the video Tylar aka Tizzete went into labor and was rushed to the hospital. Tizz 215 is known for going viral on Instagram one too many times but this […]

Yesterday (December 30) LeBron James turned 36 years old. Fans, friend and family across the world made sure to put heavy respect on his name on his special day. After 18 years in the National Basketball League the Cleveland native is now one of the most respected sports figures in the world. When you consider […]

When it comes to the holidays, Black folks just seem to do things, er, a bit different from other families. On Thanksgiving, that fact gets magnified exponentially.

A look back at the best gifs and memes from #ThanksGivingWithBlackFamilies.