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Fans said goodbye to Insecure last night. The final episode of the series debuted on HBO, wrapping up the end of an era for television. The entire cast and crew joined longtime fans on social media to share their reactions of the finale episode and fondest memories of the characters throughout the years. Read inside.

Following the recent tragedy that occurred at Oxford High School in Michigan earlier this month, there now seems to be a viral report making rounds on TikTok that states another mass shooting could happen as soon as tomorrow (December 17) at all schools across the United States.

In the filing she says she saw one photo that purportedly shows Kobe's body and since seeing that picture has been "tormented with thoughts of who took it and whether it depicts my husband.”

After he tested positive for COVID-19, the loser squad tried to get #LeCovid popping on Twitter but ended up looking wack in the process.

Don't hit send on that tweet containing a photo or video of a private individual cause it could get you in trouble.

Getting paid as a social media influencer just got a lot easier for those with a Triller account, content ideas for days and, most importantly, some melanin to make it all look good on camera.

Facebook changed its name to Meta in late October and said it plans to delete the data it had gathered through its use of facial-recognition software, which involved over a billion people’s faces.The company plans to stop using facial-recognition software that could automatically recognize people in photos and videos posted on the social network, marking a […]

Will Smith reveals to his family that during his weight loss journey, which was the focus of a new series he stars in for YouTube, he came face to face with unaddressed issues regarding his mental health and felt there was one moment that he considered suicide.