Morocco is one of the 6 countries located in North Africa.

Mozambique is one of the 9 countries located in Southern Africa.

Climbing Mount Everest is a difficult task, and doing it without sight is a challenge that most people would not even consider. However, Lonnie Bedwell of Wabash Valley, Indiana is not like most people. Bedwell served in the Navy for nine years and then the Army National Guard. Despite losing his sight in a hunting […] The post Encouraging & Inspiring: Climbing Mount Everest with a blind Hoosier veteran. appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM — Indy's Mobile News.

Namibia is one of the 9 countries located in Southern Africa.

  Niger is pronounced “n·eye·jer” and is one of the 16 countries located in West Africa. Niger was named after the Niger River that flows through the country and means ‘flowing water’ in Tuareg n’eghirren. This country gained its independence on August 3, 1960 from France. Niger is home to the largest protected area in Africa. Continue reading below to […]

Nigeria is one of the 16 countries located in West Africa. This country is known as the "Giant of Africa". Learn more about Nigeria here...

Rwanda is one of the 10 countries located in East Africa. Learn more about 'The Land of a Thousand Hills'

  The Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe is pronounced “sow toe·may and prin·see·pay” and and is one of the 6 island nations of Africa. This country is made of 2 islands; São Tomé received its name after being discovered by Portuguese explorers on St Thomas Day and Príncipe received its name as a shorter version of the original Portuguese […]

  Sengal/Sénégal is pronounced “seh·nuh·gaal” and is one of the 16 countries located in West Africa. Sénégal’s Independence Day is August 20, 1960. As of 2019, there are 18,091 people from Senegal that live in the United States. Continue reading below to learn more about the beautiful African country, Sénégal. What Does The Senegal Flag Represent? GREEN: represents […]