Below is a list of the 10 most popular stories from our “Just Curious” franchise. This is a franchise we created to hear the voice of our readers on comments, commercials, or videos that can “possibly” be deemed racist; or just your thoughts on stories that have a particular racial resonance.

With millions of Americans out of work, don’t you think it sounds pretty stupid to have Sen. John Kyl and Sen. Jim DeMint complaining about having to work around the Christmas holidays? Seriously. These two senators have complained that Sen. Harry Reid has them working during the Christmas break, because they say it’s unfair with […]

One of the main things we try to do here at NewsOne for our readers, is provide positive, good Black news on a consistent basis. Many mainstream media outlets only show you the negatives when it comes to our race, but fail to ever highlight the positive. Below are ten of many stories we posted […]

WASHINGTON — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will oppose the new START Treaty, a bilateral arms reduction treaty between the United States and Russia that is one of President Obama’s top foreign relations priorities.

Wendy Wright   Nick Bunick says it’s time the world knew how religion has failed humanity, and how the Christian Church has distorted the teachings of Jesus. He also says that the scribes who painstakingly translated the Gospels from Aramaic to Greek and then to Latin, were ordered to deliberately distort some truths. The scribes were instructed to replace messages […]

Washington — The tax bill that extends the Bush tax cuts and slashes the estate tax while extending unemployment benefits has passed the House House by a vote of 277-148 and is heading for the President to sign, according to The Huffington Post RELATED STORIES Attacks From Right Take Toll On Obama’s Tax Plan CBC […]

(CHICAGO-Huffington Post) Reverend James Meeks, a Chicago reverend and candidate for mayor was discussing affirmative action on a Chicago radio station, and said that he believed “minority” contracts should go to African-Americans and not other minorities. The Huffington Post reports: “I think that the word ‘minority,’ from our standpoint, should mean African-American,” Meeks said, as […]

Washington — On Tuesday, December 14, the President joined a White House meeting hosted by his senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, with the National Policy Alliance (NPA), a partnership of ten organizations representing African American elected officials and their constituents, to discuss a variety of pressing policy issues that affect millions of Americans like job creation, […]

The Senate has enough votes to pass a standalone repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) has been told by Senate counterparts, he said in an interview with HuffPost Wednesday evening after the House approved its own version of the bill.

Roland Martin appears in The Situation Room with Mary Matalin and host Wolf Blitzer to discuss John Boehner wearing his emotions on his sleeve. WATCH: