Creating a new currency requires time and tons of security measures, according to experts. The post When Will Harriet Tubman Grace The $20 Bill? Here’s What We Know appeared first on NewsOne.

White store clerks in Austin County, Texas, attacked 65-year-old Betty Smith for finding a $50 bill on the floor. Protesters are calling for the store to be boycotted and the arresting officers to be held accountable. The post Texas Store Clerks Attack Elderly Black Woman Over $50 Bill In A Crash Course On White Privilege appeared first on NewsOne.

Mars, the company responsible for some of our favorite candies and chocolate, has decided to cancel and shelf the M&M mascots. At least for the time being.

Back in 1967, Aretha Franklin scored a Billboard Top 10 hit with the iconic tune, “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman.” This beautiful track about how good a man could make a woman “feel good inside” would become one of the Queen of Soul’s signature songs. However, over 50 years after it first hit […]

Harris drew a sharp contrast with the extremist approaches in many state legislatures as well as House Republicans themselves. The post Vice President Harris Delivers Fierce Speech Commemorating 50th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade appeared first on NewsOne.

Collier Gwin, who sprayed a homeless woman with a water hose in San Francisco, was jailed after DA Brooke Jenkins secured an arrest warrant. The post Jailed, San Francisco Man Who Sprayed Homeless Woman With Water Faces Months Behind Bars appeared first on NewsOne.

Just before the trial was set to begin, officials say Gerald Williams took a plea deal that will result in a 30-year sentence.

Jamea Jonae Harris was gunned down in Tuscaloosa, AL on January 15, 2023.

The directive comes in response to Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive demanding all state agencies to remove the app from government-issued devices, per an email sent to students Tuesday (Jan 17).

Black Twitter responded to the unveiling of Hank Willis Thomas' sculpture of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King in Boston. The post Black Twitter’s Response To ‘The Embrace’ Sculpture Of MLK And Coretta Scott King, Explained appeared first on NewsOne.