The search for Black-owned businesses to happily spend our Black dollars has gotten even easier.


Another restaurant is affected by coronavirus the pandemic.

Former Minnesota police officer and George Floyd's murderer, Officer Derek Chauvin is also in trouble when it comes to his finances.

While the plight of the Black community is still top of mind for many the less than treatment continues. Reports show our entrepreneurs are not being given a fair shake when it comes to federal support. As spotted on The New York Times research is now showing that Blacked owned businesses experienced a more tedious and […]

Organizers behind the movement want Black people to understand the power in their dollars.

Many of the world’s favorite companies were built by the Black dollar. One spirits brand has recognized these facts and plans to give back in a big way. On Monday, June 22 Hennessy announced the launch of a new platform intended to help entrepreneurs during the new normal. “Unfinished Business” is a small business initiative […]