The winner of the 2020 presidential election will be able to tip the scales of the Supreme Court, making November even more important. Here's what voters need to pay attention to.

Community organizer Cassandra Welchlin discusses on-the-ground efforts to galvanize voting power in Jackson, Mississippi, in NewsOne's Keeping It Local series profiling local government officials.

While attending a Constitution Day celebration hosted by Hillsdale College, the attorney general compared his staff at the Justice Department to preschoolers among other choice bits.

Virginia State University President Dr. Makola Abdullah, Spelman College Student Government Association President Fana Haileselassie and the United Negro College Fund's Lodriguez Murray discuss HBCUs and "the Black vote."

Today (Sept. 17), Foot Locker, Inc. announced that it is partnering with Rock The Vote. If you can work a sneaker app, you can certainly figure out if you're registered to vote, right?

With corporate donations in the news -- remember the Goya fiasco? -- NewsOne wondered about Timberland's history of political donations after Kamala Harris rocked a pair of Timbs.

The Congressional Black Caucus was heralding its new Jobs And Justice Act Of 2020 bill that it says will make vast improvements in the lives of Black families economically and socially.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is among the first to call out the disastrous handling of the pandemic under the current administration.

Kicking off the second season of her talk show, The Tamron Hall Show, the in-depth interview sheds light on the incident that left the young husband and father of three unconscious in a Miami Beach seedy motel with bags on crystal meth on the scene. Gillum was found in this state alongside two other men, one of which who overdosed and been identified as a gay male escort who claimed that he and Gillum were friends.

The democratic process of voting has long excluded people based on what is known as criminal disenfranchisement laws—meaning each state has regulations that strip a person’s right to vote if they have a past felony conviction.