There is no Senate version of Pressley, Coleman, Lee or Rep. Cori Bush to share their voice and experience as Black women grappling with these issues.

While Adams feels it was a righteous stop, other city officials see this as BS and took to social media to say as much.

Brown won by a much larger margin than in the August special election, easily taking more than 66 percent of the total vote. 

The May 3 primary election marks the beginning of a series of major races across the country. 

The predominately Black communities of Powder Springs and Austell, Georgia, are facing the possibility of being represented by Marjorie Taylor Greene due to the Republican redistricting of Georgia's congressional map.

A group of Georgia voters represented by non-profit group Free Speech for People filed legal efforts to disqualify congresswoman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from running for re-election. On Monday, Judge Amy Totenberg ruled that the effort can proceed.

To make sure we always have a way to look back and celebrate this wonderful accomplishment, we've created a photo album of the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Aisha Braveboy, State's Attorney for Prince George's County was interviewed on The Outlet with Kei-Touch in celebration of Women's History Month. During the interview she shared that she was so moved by the Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, she was inspired to write a poem and produce a video titled She Is Me. This video is comprised of the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office Team, community leaders and others.

Black women currently have no representation in the Senate, and there has never been a Black woman governor.

In honor of Women's History Month, Kei-Touch interviewed The Honorable Aisha Braveboy, State's Attorney for Prince George's County, MD. She shared some of her story and what led het to become an attorney. State's Attorney Braveboy was inspired by Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to write a poem titled She is Me.