"This is the gold standard of how everyone should be treated," Gassama said. "So, we're putting into question why Black migrants, in particular, are not allotted the same level of empathy and humanity." 

Brittney Griner's fans and family are pleading with Russian authorities to bring the 31-year-old back home safely amid the country's invasion of Ukraine. Here's everything we know about her detention in Russia for alleged possession of drugs.

The Weeknd has joined forces with the World Food Programme for a new initiative centered on combating global hunger.

The escalating tensions in the region could slow any diplomatic resolution for Griner.

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner could be in Russian custody for a long time.

Former Indian Hoosier basketball player Maurice Creek is stuck in Ukraine amid a Russian invasion that is escalating by the day. A GoFundMe has been started in hopes to raise enough money to help get him evacuated

"Black lives should matter today. Black lives should matter in America. Black lives should matter in Europe."

On Wednesday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a large-scale military operation would be carried out in the Donbas region in the eastern part of Ukraine. Military forces swarmed into Ukraine shortly after 5 A.M. EST, and Ukraine's President Zelensky declared martial law as his military assembled to defend the country. The U.S., NATO, and other countries have condemned the action by Putin, promising "severe sanctions".

The Dominican Republic has started construction on a border wall with the neighboring country of Haiti.

"Calling for both sides to de-escalate only gives Russia a pass," the second Black woman to serve as ambassador to the United Nations said. "Russia is the aggressor here."