Researcher Keidi Awadu weighs in on the Mass shootings. Brother Keidi discusses if there is a deeper social-economic pattern to the shootings, he will talk about the connection of gun control, mental health & video games issues to the problem. Brother Keidi will also look at if these incidents are linked to the so-called […]

  Black Politics Expert, Dr. James Taylor examines White Supremacy/Racism & Immigration. Trump is linking Immigration Reform to the weekend shootings. Is Trump the problem or part of the problem & will gun control now be a major issue? Dr. Taylor will answer these questions & more. Before we get to Dr. Taylor, members of The Jefferson […]

Critical Thinking & African History, Professor, Dr. David Horne checks in to analyze what to do when you have a beef with a brother or a sister who is being attacked by the oppressor, ie the Cummings & Trump dilemma. Dr. Horne will also explain how Blacks can leverage their votes with reports indicating the […]

  PE’s Minister of Information, Professor Griff checks in to discuss The Baltimore Situation, Trump putting minorities in his ‘Basket of Deplorables’ & Lil NasX having the longest-running number 1 record single. Before we get to Professor Griff, Marketing Expert, Overton Wilkins on re-branding, how to reinvent yourself or your business. The Big Show starts on WOL […]

Historian, Dr. Walter Williams discusses the myth of the Prophet Muhammad & Jess The Christ. Professor Wiliams will explain how the Quran, The Bible & the Torah were created. Dr. Williams will also talk about the five pillars of Islam and more. Before we get to Baltimore Criminal attorney, Dwight Pettit on Baltimore’s image. Did […]

Judge Joe Brown checks in to score The Muller Hearings. Judge Brown will discuss if Trump committed impeachable offenses, did the hearing change any minds, & did Muller hurt the Democrats. The Judge will also talk about Article Two which Trump keeps referring too, Jeffery Epstein, A$AP Rocky, & more. Before we get to Judge […]